Synergistic Value Streams Studied in Hybrid Power Plants

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Hybrid plants are increasingly combining generation and storage technologies with advanced controls and forecasting systems. The goal is to reduce costs, achieve economies of scale, and share costs for infrastructure, siting, and permits. Ultimately, hybrid plants can deliver the full range of reliability services, from self-black start to participate in power system restoration schemes. The benefits of hybrid power plants can be realized in every type of power system, from the smallest microgrids to the most extensive interconnected energy systems.

The NREL Flatirons Campus grid-scale hybrid system will demonstrate the dispatchability, reliability, and resiliency of the hybrid plant, presenting the potential of the technologies to the public. In addition, the NREL grid-scale hybrid system will serve as a training ground for hybrid plants and a validation platform for their applied sciences. This project combines the goals of the federal government, industry, and state, to develop advanced technology that will drive electric utility adoption.

This new technology combines the best of two worlds, enabling hybrid power plants to be more efficient and profitable. The FlexPower system is the first of its kind, utilizing the latest in technology to develop an integrated grid-scale hybrid power plant. The FlexPower system is a multi-MW grid-scale hybrid power plant that will demonstrate dispatchability, reliability, and resiliency. The project will provide an educational venue for workforce development and validate existing hybrid technologies.

Besides the grid-scale hybrid system, the NREL Flatirons Campus will also be the test bed for various ideas and technologies. These grid-scale hybrid system will demonstrate dispatchability, reliability, and resiliency. It will also serve as a demonstration site for regional impacts studies, a workforce training venue, and a validation platform for hybrid applied sciences. This research will be published in reports, webinars, and conferences worldwide.

This project aims to develop an integrated grid for a hybrid power plant. The research results will be freely available to the public. NREL will make them publicly available and develop their control codes. It will also provide a venue for workforce training and validation of new hybrid technologies. These efforts will help to create a more efficient and effective energy system. It will help to address regional needs while generating electricity and meeting the needs of the community.

NREL will develop a grid-scale hybrid power plant to test various concepts and techniques. The project aims to be a real-world test bed for hybrid plants, which can be dispatched on demand. Moreover, it will provide opportunities for the control vendors, such as smart meters. In addition, the system will also serve as a validation platform for new hybrid technologies. The NREL’s research results will be available to the public.


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