Review of Sexplain It Live: I M Dying to Watch


Sexplain It Live: I’m Dying to Watch My Wife Have Sex With Another Guy by Libby Gill is a book that promises to help you “watch” your wife having sex with other men.

The author claims that through hundreds of hours of observation and by recording the acts on video, she was able to document an eleven-year history of her relationships with her husband and others.

What the book does not get into is whether or not the observations are correct, and whether or not she was actually watching her husband having sex with other men. But the evidence is there if you just take the time to see it.

At the beginning of the book, the author tells us that her own marriage was like a “honey pot bursting in flames”. This was followed by a description of how she first met her husband, and how their relationship quickly progressed into full blown sexual intimacy.

It is here that she describes her own experience of seeing her husband straddle another woman while she watches. This is followed by a description of how they would have fun going on dates, and the joy that their friends would take in watching them both go at it.

Throughout the book, the events that these women describe are all consistent. They all happened over a period of time, with the same frequency. They all seem to happen before sex, but come right afterwards, as a sort of foreplay. They also all seem to take place when either her husband is not around, or else he is too engrossed in his work to pay attention.

When describing events in the book, the one thing that seems apparent is that all of the women feel guilty about their actions. In fact, many of the events are described as “spanking” or “emotional blackmail”, and one man even threatens to divorce his wife because she did not let him sleep with her best friend.

I read the book because it happened to me. At first I was angry that my husband did not love me more. Then I realized that what I had done to him was not as bad as what he was doing to me.

Reading the book made me realize that there were things I had been doing that were making me not happy in my marriage, and that I needed to change if I ever wanted to have a healthy and mutually satisfying sex life with my husband.

It’s hard to see how much encouragement you can get from this book, but I’ll put it up on my book shelf anyway, just in case my husband is reading it right now and decides he wants to join in.

The other thing I found interesting was the way Brangelina presents the reasons that so many women do not approach their husbands about having sex. These reasons range from reasons such as fear, to reasons such as being too tired, to a fear of rejection.

None of these are valid, and almost all women could benefit from hearing this information. The author also touches on how many women make the mistake of thinking that sex means that the relationship is over.

That is not true, and reading the book will give you some valuable insight into how to keep your marriage alive and exciting.

Sexplain It Live: I M Dying to Watch makes a great gift for a husband who is having problems in his bedroom. In fact, I would recommend this book to any wife who has trouble getting her needs met in the bedroom.

This book is geared towards women looking for solutions for their own problems with their husband, and not at all directed toward those wives who are having problems with their husbands.

It would be a good addition to any woman’s shelf, especially one who is struggling with her own sex life.

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