Bill Gates – Secrets Of A Relationship With An Ex-Wife?

Bill Gates is often described as the man who influenced Microsoft. But did you know that he also dated one of the biggest named in technology, Jeffrey Epstein? Before we discuss the relationship with Mr. Gates, let’s discuss why he dated Mr. Epstein, who is well-known as a serial sex offender. You see, in late 70’s, Jeffrey Epstein and his associates were convicted of child molestation charges and served jail time for their crime. After serving time, they formed an organization called “pedophilia” and sought to criminalize sex between an adult and a minor.

It is known that Bill Gates was one of the people who helped to write the law against this disgusting act. After the conviction, he said that he was “personally against sexual relationships between minors and adults”. However, according to multiple sources, other than Gates, several other high profile Americans including former Presidents George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton, as well as numerous current American politicians, were instrumental in pushing for the passage of the law.

Now let’s discuss the recent reports that say that Bill Gates is now in a relationship with a woman called Traceable Gates. In some reports she is Gates’ ex-wife. Ms. Tracer Gates is a person who has been tried and convicted of identity theft. The charges relate to using her own identity to open bank accounts and apply for credit cards. Bill Gates was listed as a beneficiary of one of her financial accounts.

This is just another case of a rich person and a woman being linked together in a bizarre way. But is this the first of a possible triangle? There is a real possibility that Bill Gates and his ex-wife have been keeping this secret for years and it may well be part of the reason why he has not disclosed some of his most incredible achievements.

There are many theories circling about Gates and his ties to population. Some of these include that he is involved in some form of child molestation or that he simply uses women for sex. Some even believe that he is a pimp and that some of his technology companies use children as commodities. Is all this what really is happening with Bill Gates and his new relationship?

If you take a closer look at the Gates story, there does not appear to be any concrete answer to any of these questions. Bill Gates is yet to provide any solid proof that he is indeed being involved in some type of scandal. If the latest reports are to be believed, this will have to wait until some type of proof is revealed. Until then we can only speculate on all the theories that are circulating the internet. Bill Gates is a person who we must keep our eyes on, especially when he goes out with a woman that might be his ex-wife. Keep your eyes open and do your research; you will never know what might turn up.

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